Historical Sew Fortnightly 2014 – Full list of projects

In 2014 I am participating in Leimomi Oakes’s Historical Sew Fortnightly. Here’s my compiled of entries for each challenge, along with what I thought I’d make where relevant.

Some projects have longer descriptions on this website. Click the heading for each challenge to be taken to it.

In participating in these challenges I set myself some parameters ahead of time, which affected the items I actually made, versus those I planned to make

  1. Preparing for events is more important than participating in a challenge, making them work together is excellent.
  2. Life trumps sewing
  3. If I can’t make it work within the framework of this blog and my specific research interests then I’m not participating in that challenge.
  4. Using a challenge as impetus to make something that’s been knocking around in my head for a few years is a good thing. I’m looking at “Tops and Toes” and “The Great Outdoors” here.

Challenge #1: Mend and make do

I made:

Ties on a partlet

Mended waffenrock

A mended waffenrock. New eyelets made in the closure so it can be adjusted, new points braided with aglets.

I thought I’d make:

  1. Add ties to my black partlet that goes with my brocaded transition gown and my 1480-90s green kirtle, to stop it gapping and riding up under kirtles (seen best in this image of my brocaded transition gown)
  2. Fix G’s waffenrock closures, fingerloop braid a tie with aglets on the end, and re-hem the sleeves in a thread that matches the garment
  3. Take the ruffle off my green kirtle, add in WAY more fabric, hem and re-attach
  4. Lengthen my chemise sleeves
  5. Take the sleeves off my 1490s mustard gown, re-cut the sleeve head as it’s too large and re-sew in
  6. Add buttons to the fly on G’s Venetians that I built last year and finish internal lining seams

Challenge #2: Innovation

I made (and planned to make): A Hovetcleet – a Netherlandish heart-shaped veil


Challenge #3: Pink

I made (and wanted to make): A Transition Era Wrap Gown


Challenge #4: Under It All

I made: a chemise that I’m not happy with and I finished it well after the challenge, so didn’t take a photo of it. Interesting how the simple things, like shifts and chemises can stump a seamstress used to making more complicated items. Or maybe it’s that we’ve made enough and it’s no longer a challenge?

Challenge #5: Bodice

I entered a doublet that my other half made, as it is the first thing that he’s ever made and I mentored him through the process. It’s the same one he’s wearing in the photos for challenge #12 below.

Challenge #6: Fairytale

I didn’t make anything for this challenge, as it failed a couple of my parameters for the year’s challenge. This also gave me breathing room to finish other projects in the lead up to Rowany Festival, our major event of the year.

Challenge #7: Tops and Toes

I made: A huik – a Dutch “duck-billed” cloak balanced on the crown of the head

Huik montage

I wanted to make: A pair of hose. These were finished for the Black and White challenge. I’m pretty chuffed I made a huik instead.

Challenge #8: UFOs and PHDs

I finished: my 1520s Franco-Flemish Court gown which was started in October 2013 and abandoned in December 2013.

Adjusting my sleeve during the pre-event trial wearing of the outfit

Challenge #9: Black and White

I made: a pair of knee high women’s hose.

Hose side view

I wanted to make: A blackwork shirt for a friend. This might be my re-do project

Challenge #10: Art

I made a formal Franco-Flemish black hood (also known as a French Hood by those with a Tudor clothing lens)

3 views of the hood

I wanted to make: a gown worn by Juana la Loca (combining #10 and #11), but how many court gowns does one person need in the space of a month?

Challenge #11: The Politics of Fashion

I didn’t make anything for this. I have instead started writing up a longer research article on two paintings from the Hapsburg Burgundian Court in the late 1400s.

I wanted to make: a gown worn by Juana la Loca (combining #10 and #11), but how many court gowns does one person need in the space of a month?

Challenge #12: Shape and Support

I made: A pair of Franco-Flemish upper stocks (“shorts”)

The final item

I wanted to make: a 16th century corset, a UFO from last year which is sitting in the cupboard waiting for the boning channels to be created.


Future entries still to come…

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